Primrose expecting her 7th litter any day now

Published on 21 April 2020

Primrose is a beautiful Berkshire Sow, who is expecting her 7th litter of piglets any day now.

She is such a friendly girl and very easy to look after. Both Primrose and Sargent, the father, are pure bred Berkshire pigs. We are hoping for a litter of around 8-10 piglets from her very soon.

A pig is pregnant for 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days. Primrose will give birth in an Ark, with straw bedding and we will keep an eye on her and her babies a few times a day once they are born. At around 3-4 days of age, her piglets will take their first steps outside.

At which time, we’ll take some photos and pop them up for you all to see. The babies are independent and love to play in the sun and snuggle in the warm with their mum and brothers and sisters.

Wish Primrose luck!

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